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como organizar trastero

10 tips to optimize your storage space

Are you renting a mini storage space and you have no clue on how to get it organized? If you are paying for the place, better try to get advantage of all the space you’ve got. These are some tips and tricks that can help...

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storeroom with direct access

Storage rooms with direct access

The rental of storage rooms and containers in our city is increasingly common and widespread due to the many advantages involved. Whether because we are moving house, making room for a bigger family (and all the children’s furniture and accessories that entails) or have taken up...

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All students!

We have lockers for keeping your personal effects during summer.   When you are going home at the end of term, it’s a lot easier to keep your things safe with us, instead of carrying it all back with you.   We have left luggage lockers of 0.5m3, big...

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Self Storage Rooms Barcelona

Self Storage Solutions Barcelona. Located opposite Fira II and offers secure, flexible and economic self storage solutions for personal and business use....

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