Other Spaces

We’re not just about house moves and big storage spaces, we have small space storage too, perfect if you just want to store away a few boxes.


Why not rethink your business storage or warehouse and make a smarter use of space?

We offer secure storage for merchandise, palletised goods, office furniture, eBay stock, archiving, warehousing etc. With our alternatives for traditional warehouse spaces there are no complicated leases to sign. You have greater flexibility.



Coming to the Fira from the airport or Barcelona? Leave your briefcase  in one of our left luggage lockers.

We are directly in front of the Fira and the Fira metro.


When you are going home at the end of term, it’s a lot easier to keep your things safe with us, instead of carrying it all back with you.

We have large lockers and rooms of various sizes where you can store your possessions. It’s your space so you can come and go as you like. You have the key and a personal PIN number. It’s completely secure and you can start storing right away. And for a minimum of one week.

Or you can get together with other students and share a bigger room, which will be more economical for you.

Once you are a client, you have access 7 days a week between 8AM and 6PM. We also sell packing boxes, and cartons.

And when you need to come back and collect your things, just give us 7 days notice, come along and pick up your stuff. It’s that easy.

Call us for a quote, because students receive discounts!


We’re not just about house moves and big storage spaces.

We have small space storage too, perfect if you just want to store away a few boxes.

We know everyone’s got stuff they don’t want to chuck out – boxes of photos, that precious CD collection, toys the kids don’t play with, Then there’s Christmas decorations, camping and skiing gear and bicycles… It all takes up too much space.

Multistore has the answer. Store it all away, safe in your own large locker-size space. Then come in anytime if you need to drop something off. Store from a minimum of one week to as long as you like.

We have storage space as small as 1m3 lockers or 1m2 rooms.


If you can’t be there, we’re more than happy to accept your deliveries and stock for you.

Our staff will simply sign for your deliveries and then store them in a safe and secure area. We even have forklift facilities.

Call us for a quote.