Rental of Storage Rooms for Businesses: a Practical and Effective Resource

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Rental of Storage Rooms for Businesses: a Practical and Effective Resource

The maintenance of a storehouse always implies a fixed expense for a company. Most of the times this is justified and necessary because the firm manages stock, which must be available at all times. However, on many other occasions, the fixed expense of that store is unnecessary, or the premises are only used on a timely basis.

For all these companies, the rent of storage rooms is the more efficient solution. Why? For all these reasons!

Only when you need it

You may need to store a significant amount of product for a few particular weeks. You may need to store tools most of the year, but not the whole one. You may be making a move and need to store furniture or equipment in a timely manner. You may need a space for your files. Alternatively, you may need extra space for a major fair, and after it, the need is over.

There are a thousand situations in which a company needs storage capacity in a timely or intermittent manner. Consequently, paying the whole year for a place is ineffective and is an intolerable expense. Renting a storage space for the desired period solves this problem.


All kinds of sizes and possibilities

Forget about standard cubicles that do not meet your needs. In Multi-Store, we offer a wide range of storage spaces: storage rooms, furniture storage, even containers with the right dimensions for your objectives.

You may only need a box office of barely 1m3, or a storage room of 3m3. Alternatively, on the contrary, your company may need 30m3 containers. All this is at your disposal just for the periods in which such a space is necessary.


Direct Access

Both in some of our storage rooms and in our container park, you can access directly by car or van, to guarantee the ease of transport when carrying or taking things out of the storehouse.


Guaranteed security

Any responsible furniture and storage company has to have reliable security systems. In Multi-Store, we have surveillance and video surveillance, as well as systems of exclusive electronic access both in our storage rooms and in our container park. Your merchandise or equipment will not fall into the wrong hands.


Economic insurance for peace of mind

In Multi-Store, we have reached the necessary agreements to offer you the cheapest and most profitable insurance in the sector, at the cost of €1.5 for every €1000 insured.

In short, renting a storage room to meet business needs means having the right space just at the right time, with easy access, guarded and secured, and only paying while you use it.

With these conditions, is not it the time to forego the fixed expense of a local and rent a space only when you need it?


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