10 tips to optimize your storage space

como organizar trastero

10 tips to optimize your storage space

Are you renting a mini storage space and you have no clue on how to get it organized? If you are paying for the place, better try to get advantage of all the space you’ve got. These are some tips and tricks that can help you organize your self storage in the most efficient way, keeping all of your belongings safe and sound.


Keep an updated inventory of every single item you storage. This is a key step.


Label everything in the most visible, clear way. Maybe today you remember what you just put inside that box, but when the time comes to find something in particular, you won’t like having to go through all of your boxes. Don’t risk it.


Fill every box as much as you can. Of course, be careful not to damage anything that goes inside. Full boxes are less likely to dent, and also, they save you a lot of space.


Use similar size boxes. They are much easier to pile.


Shelfs are your best friends. You won’t have to put your boxes all over your warehouse floor. Besides creating new space you didn’t have before, shelfs can also prevent your boxes from getting damaged.


To save even more space, dismantle every furniture you can and storage its parts in clearly labeled boxes.


If any furniture or home appliance cannot be dismantled, like a couch or a mattress, make sure you storage it vertically. You’ll see how much space it will save you.


Use your furniture and appliances to storage smaller things. The drawers in a closet and the shelfs of your fridge can be very helpful. Even your trash cans can be the perfect space to store some items.


Be smart about how you organize your things. The ones you use more often should be at the very foreground for easy access. On the other hand, leave at the back and out of sight everything you are most likely not going to use anytime soon.


Finally, the one advice many neglect to follow is to draw a map of the organization of your storage. Once everything is in place, draw the precise location of each and every object, and then, place your map right next to the door. Again, do not rely entirely on your memory; it could give you a very unpleasant surprise.

When thinking about how to organize your belongings, you are making sure they are safe and secure, and you are also assuring you have easy access to anything you might need, reducing the time it would take you to look for it. But above all, keeping  your storage well organized helps you saving space, and even money you would have to invest in getting even more space if needed.

If you follow these easy steps, you are ready to start packing up your things and storage them up. It is time: gather your boxes and let’s get down to work!